Travertine Countertops Paired with Iron Corbels Makes Great Design Choice


Travertine, similar to marble and granite is a naturally beautiful stone that is formed over years of accumulation of minerals under intense pressure & heat.  This natural mineral is made when minerals dissolved under water leave behind sediments on the outskirts of beaches.  Because travertine is a natural stone, there is a large variety of designs, colors and shades in which it is formed that include walnut, cream, gold, beige and ivory.  Most of the colors and designs are formed naturally over time by the mixing of impurities and iron components.

The excellent visual appeal of travertine is entirely dependent upon the way it has been polished or treated to give shine and outclass strength.  There are basically 4 types of finishes in which travertine come in. these are: Shiny, Matte, Tumbled and Brushed

The tumbled travertine countertops are a textured & surfaced material that does not reflect light, making it a dull type of aesthetic look.  When the tiles are polished, they shine in a way that is unmatched by any other shine.  Tumbled travertine is the most common form of countertop available.

As with any stone countertop, extra support should be considered when installing a travertine countertop.  Using a countertop support bracket or corbel from Metropolis Iron will provide the support needed by a travertine countertop and add an extra decorative touch to your kitchen. Stone and iron are complimentary material mediums to each other.

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