Tips for Placing your Address Plaque


One of my biggest pet peeves in life is pulling up to a gorgeous home with cheap, plastic house numbers. Even worse is a beautiful address plaque that is hidden from view by landscaping! An address plaque is meant to be seen and properly complement your house! We’ve compiled some great tips to help in placing your next address plaque from Metropolis Iron!

1. Be careful using brass or bronze numbers. This is essentially an “invisible” number. If sunlight or another light should reflect at just the precise angle to hit your eye, the number becomes visible for a split-second. Worse yet, it can create a flash in driver’s view that temporarily inhibit their vision.

2. Don’t have your house number as handwriting or script. It looks fancy but it’s very hard to see from the road. Plain and simple numbers are much easier to spot.

3. Be sure the address plaque is properly lit. The number should be about twelve inches from its light source.

4. Keep your numbers maintained! We’ve seen so many homes where part of the number is missing. Worn out numbers are also troublesome. It especially makes me laugh when one number has partially fallen off and is hanging by a thread.

5. Be sure to use the correct size numbers! Our address plaques feature number that range from 3-6” high and are easily visable!

6. Proper placement when hanging your address plaque is key! Some folks put their numbers on the grass line or porch floor, but this is actually poor placement. The number should be displayed at eye level or higher.

7. Color, color, color! Make sure your address plaque doesn’t blend in with your home. Use contrasting colors to make your numbers pop! A great rule of thumb is to use the accent color of your house. If you have a tan house with a bronze accent you should paint your address plaque a similar bronze color.

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