Curved or Straight Drapery Medallions: Which Is Best for Me?

Curtain holdbacks are an important feature of any complete window treatment design.  A good curtain tie back should not only be functional as to tie back your curtains, but also hold together your entire look and add a design element to your window treatment. Used for a variety of uses in a window treatment, drapery holdbacks allow sunlight to enter and add a decorative flair to your treatment.

Drapery holdbacks come in a curved and straight style.  Metropolis Iron’s online showroom features both of these highly sought after styles.  Our curved medallions are great for holding back your drapes, even those that may be bulky and cumbersome.  If you are searching for a unique drapery rod alternative, try our many styles of straight drapery medallions.  Our straight holdbacks are wonderful for use as a traditional holdback, but can make any treatment pop in lieu of using a drapery rod.

As with all of Metropolis Iron’s product line, our holdbacks are available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and projections for all your window treatment design needs.


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