Traditional Vs. Contemporary Drapery Medallions


When looking for that perfect drapery medallion for a design solution many designers can become frustrated attempting to locate a medallion in a specific style. Metropolis Iron offers the largest selection of custom designed, hand forged drapery medallions including traditional and contemporary medallions.

Our line of contemporary drapery medallions are an ideal solution when an edge of today’s style is needed in a window treatment. Contemporary medallions can include our unique medallions, dazzling drapery medallions, coastal living medallions, tropical medallions and many more.

The Metropolis Iron line of traditional drapery medallions take designers back to a simpler time. This line features drapery rosettes and traditional Victorian and other period recreations.
Out traditional medallions work well in classic, simplistic window treatment designs, while our contemporary medallions give a design a bit more pizzazz.

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