Support your Favorite Countertop Materials with Corbels

Banana Corbel

Kitchen design trends have changed and grown over the years and countertop materials have been changing right along with them.

The latest rages in kitchen countertop materials include heavy materials such as granite, wood, recycled materials, soapstone and many more.

With the added weight of a heavy countertop material is you have an overhanging edge, over time, without the proper support your kitchen counter will begin to sag and even worse can crack when stone and wood are used.

To prevent these damaging effects to your countertop we recommend using a corbel or countertop support bracket to reinforce your countertop. Metropolis Iron’s large line of countertop support brackets are hand forged from strong iron and steel and are created to match any color and design!

Protect your investment and those enjoying your investment with proper supporting counter top brackets.

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