Address Plaques that Withstand Harsh Winter Weather!

Winter seems to be upon the northern states a bit early this year with the majority of the country covered in snow and experiencing colder than average temperatures…and it’s not even technically “winter” yet!  The need for outdoor home décor that can withstand even the harshest weather is great.  Metropolis Iron’s line of outdoor address […]

Add a Tropical Feel to your Yard with the Banana Tree Boulevard Address Plaque

Address plaques are used for a variety of reasons; giving your home an identity, jazzing up your home or landscaping, identifying your home to visitors, delivery drivers, emergency services and more.  Metropolis Iron’s line of address plaques was designed with looks in mind and you’ll find that all our address plaques are very different than […]

Address Plaque Placement Tips

So you’ve just received your brand new address plaque from Metropolis Iron and you’re ready to show it off to the world.  You excitedly head outside to install it.  It’s only then that you realize—“I have no idea where to hang this address plaque”. Sound familiar?  Not knowing where to hang your address plaque can […]

The Vineyards Address Plaques

Many homeowners draw a sense of pride from having a beautiful home and yard including the way their home address is represented.  Unfortunately, many homes lack a blockbuster address plaque and opt for peel and stick numbers from a “big box” store. Metropolis Iron’s Vineyards address plaque is a gorgeous addition to any home or […]

Choosing Durable Address Plaques

With the northern states moving into the winter months, it can only mean one thing…Snow is coming am I sure am happy that I live in Florida!  Did you know that Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed with durability to the weather in mind?  Many address plaque designers create plaques that are beautifully designed, but […]

Address Plaques Make Unique Holiday Gifts!

The holiday season is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started planning some of my holiday gift ideas and have even gotten a bit of shopping done.  Some people are just really difficult to shop for though!  You know those people!  The ones that have everything, the ones […]

3 Areas to Incorporate Custom Address Plaques into Your Property!

Having your address numbers clearly marking your property is mandatory by local and city municipalities.  There are 3 main places homeowners can place an address marker:   On Your Home On Your Lawn On Your Mailbox   On Your Home: A home number plaque is the most decorative way to display your address.  The key […]

“That” House with the Crooked Numbers

Everyone knows of that one house in a neighborhood that’s curb appeal just isn’t up to par with the rest of neighboring homes.  Yes, “that” house.  You know the one I mean! Grass a little too high, hedges a little untrimmed, house numbers peeling.  While all these play a part, the condition of your address […]

Where Should I Mount My Address Plaque?

Whether you’re searching for an address plaque for your own home or as a thoughtful gift for friends or family, take a few moments to consider the placement of the address plaque in relation to the home. There are various places that an address plaque should be displayed including; near your front door, on an […]