Simplicity at its Best; the Plain and Simple Address Plaque from Metropolis Iron!

We all know this simple fact, some people overdo it and their yards are just too busy!  Flowers here, wind chimes there, a gnome over by the mailbox; yes, some yards look like the Home Depot Lawn and Garden Center exploded in the middle of it, but then there are those of us that appreciate a more reserved, less in your face approach to lawn décor.

For folks like us, Metropolis Iron has designed a new address plaque that brings back simplicity to yard décor.  The Plain and Simple Address Plaque is simply your address numbers in an oversized frame/crisscross design around them which is clean and bold.  The numbers are 5″ H.  The Plain and Simple Address Plaque is 9″ H and the length will vary depending on the amount of numbers that in your address.  Made to stand the test of time, Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed from aluminum to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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