3 Areas to Incorporate Custom Address Plaques into Your Property!

Professional Address Plaque
Professional Address Plaque

Having your address numbers clearly marking your property is mandatory by local and city municipalities.  There are 3 main places homeowners can place an address marker:


On Your Home

On Your Lawn

On Your Mailbox


On Your Home:

A home number plaque is the most decorative way to display your address.  The key is acquiring a plaque that suits you and your houses architectural style. The options are practically limitless, from plain numbers to the elaborate plaques.  Size may also be essential in the house number plaque.  Make sure the plaque is obvious from the road and that the color of the plaque contrasts effectively with your property color. Try sketching on a piece of paper, taping it to your property and contemplating it from the street to see if it’s appropriate.

On Your Lawn:

If have an extensive expanse of lawn from the road, a long driveway or decorative bushes along the front of your property, it might be hard to find a home number plaque that matches your needs.  If this is the situation then consider using a lawn sign.  These signs are more easily noticeable to people on the street.  They also add a decorative element to the front of your property.  Metropolis Iron can make them as simple or elaborate as you request.

On Your Mailbox:

You can incorporate you address numbers on your mailbox as well.  The numbers on your mailbox should be easily readable and weather resistant.  Sticky numbers peel in just a short span of time.  Painting numbers onto your mailbox may seem like a simple solution but it still demands repainting at regular intervals.   Frankly, both of these look rather tacky.  You get one less chore to perform by having weather-resistant numbers attached to your mailbox with construction adhesion or a custom aluminum address plaque fastened to the top of your mailbox, both of which Metropolis Iron, Inc can help you with.  Adding either of these elements to your mailbox will solve your address identification issues and add an element of décor to your mailbox .

Metropolis Iron’s full line of address plaques offers styles for every architectural design.  If you don’t see a design that fits your needs, just ask, we love custom orders!

Ugly Peeling Numbers
Ugly Peeling Numbers

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