Proper Address Plaque Placement Tips

Don’t be that house!  You know the one with the tacky plastic numbers or the stick on numbers that are faded, peeling, and unaesthetic.  An address plaque from Metropolis Iron can bring a spark to any landscaping design while giving your home an identity for passerby’s, visitors and delivery/emergency services.  Handsome appearance or not, keep in mind that it’s not just about having a great address plaque, but also where you place it.

Try to place you address plaque in a place where it will be noticed.  Many opt for over or near the front door or near the street.  If you choose to hang your address plaque near your front door be sure that it is not blocked by any awnings or landscaping.  Also keep in mind the shadow that is created by your home!  Look at the area where you plan on placing you address plaque at different times of day to see if the area becomes shadowed, thus making the numbers hard to read.  If you decide to place your address plaque near the road, remember to take the placement of the plaque in relation to the road into consideration.  Put your plaque in an area that is viewable from all directions.  Additionally, put some thought into the landscaping used around your address plaque to ensure that your address can be easily viewed and isn’t covered by plants or foliage.

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