Missing an Address Plaque? Your Home’s Identity Matters!

Each home on a street is a unique abode, specific to the family that lives there.  Some homes are ranches, some a split levels.  Colors and landscaping can differentiate a home, but in the end the real identity of your home is your address.  Is your home properly identified by its street number?

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom designed address plaques helps set your home apart from the rest of your neighbors by giving a special identity to passerby’s, visitors, emergency services and delivery drivers.  Address plaques can be particularly useful in neighborhoods and subdivisions where many of the houses have the same design or colors, helping your home stick out!  Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association to be sure variations are allowed.  Better yet, get your entire neighborhood on board with attractive address plaques to identify their homes.  Most subdivisions, including ones with multi millions dollar homes still turn out dwellings with check plastic numbers.  Unattractive finish to a beautiful project!

Our address plaques feature easy to read numbers, are weather resistant in even the harshest climates and are incredibly durable.  If you don’t see a design that compliments your home, just ask!  We love special orders!

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