Metropolis Iron Releases Line of Corbels for Use in Green & Sustainable Designs


With more and more home designers employing the use of recycled goods in kitchen designs, the need sustainable for corbels/countertop support brackets has been fulfilled by iron design firm, Metropolis Iron’s, new line of corbels.

Cape Coral, FL: Metropolis Iron, a home décor designer headquartered in Cape Coral, has caught “green fever” and has release a line of corbels/countertop support brackets for use in recycled and sustainable living kitchens. The new line of corbels was designed for use with recycled countertops forged from a variety of recycled items including glass, metals, wood and composites. Many of the metal components used in the design of the corbels are also considered green products since they are made from “casted” metals. Casted metals are recycled metals, melted and reused in a secondary application.

With many recycled countertops weighing in at a higher weight than countertops made of traditional materials, the need for a corbel that can provide a great deal of support was high. Metropolis Iron’s new line of corbels has filled the niche for eye appealing yet functional countertop support brackets. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes the new line offers something for every design solution.

Misti St. Pierre, owner of Metropolis Iron is excited about the new line of corbels for recycled countertops and feels that, “Our counter top support brackets far supercede most of the ones on the market today. They are also an American made product, hand fabricated right in SW Florida.”

About Metropolis Iron

Misti St. Pierre is the owner and operator or Metropolis Iron, Inc. Her desire is to service interior designers, drapery workrooms and distinctive homes owners by providing custom fabricated decorative metal products made from iron and aluminum. We specialize in drapery hardware, drapery medallions, outdoor drapery hardware, address plaques, table bases, decorative inserts, pet beds and much more. She is involved in each and every project right down to the final faux finish that she hand applies herself. It is essential to her that the business is run with honesty and integrity, the two character traits she builds her life upon. Some of her favorite and appreciated clients are the small business owner and of course referrals!

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