Introducing Ruffled Drapery Medallions


We listen to the needs of our designers and clients here at Metropolis Iron! We’ve recently had a flood of requests for a traditional styled drapery medallion that includes texture and will add depth to any window treatment. Our solution, ruffled drapery medallions!

Our new ruffled drapery medallions will pop in any treatment scenario and come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large to meet all your home décor and design needs, . Each of our medallions comes in a standard 3’ projection, although custom projections are available by request. Additionally, each of our ruffled medallions comes with all hardware for easy installation. Available in 10 finishes, our medallions can be matched to any existing color or hardware scheme.

Our ruffled medallions are the newest addition to our collection of unique drapery medallions which include medallions made from seashells, jeweled medallions and many more. Check out for information on all our drapery medallion styles and designs.

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