Higher Ceilings Need Bigger Drapery Medallions!

Exclusive Extra Large Fish Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron
Exclusive Extra-Large Fish Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron

Home designs have changed dramatically in the last several decades.  The ceiling height of a standard home many years ago was 10 feet.  Now, ceiling heights have grown to 20 feet or higher when a grand foyer is involved.  No longer does a 3″ typical medium drapery medallion make a statement when it’s place 20+ feet high.  It looks more like a spec than it does a medallion.  The demand for taller ceilings has increased the demand for large and extra-large drapery medallions.  The size of a drapery medallion will make your window treatment appear more dramatic and allows your medallions to stand out when using drapes that are hundreds of inches long.  A large drapery medallion will measure 6-1/4″ – 7-1/2″ while an extra-large medallion is 7-5/8″ or larger.  Our largest extra-large medallion is over 12″ W.  You asked for bigger drapery hardware pieces and Metropolis Iron is listening.  If there is a style or size drapery medallion you are looking for let us know so that we can accommodate you.

Extra-Large Drapery Medaillion from Metropolis Iron
Extra-Large Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron

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