Are You As Proud of Your Address As You Are of Your Home?

Plastic Numbers from "Big Box" stores
Plastic Numbers from "Big Box" stores

Many of us work our whole lives for our dream home. When we finally reach our goal of buying, remodeling or decorating our dream homes we pay detail to the color palette we choose inside and out, the flooring, the window treatments and even the outside landscaping. One commonly overlooked element is the identifying address numbers. Seems like we spend pain staking hours paying attention to every detail and then we slap up some 3” plastic numbers from the local hardware store or attach sticky numbers to our mailboxes in hopes they might endure the outdoor elements.

Take for example the home below – someone’s dream home for sure! They spent a lot of time, love, detail and money to make this house beautiful. Then they finished it off with a mailbox with bright yellow, peeling numbers. It’s not exactly the icing on the cake. Take that little bit of extra time and money to add an address that makes you proud of not only your home, but your address too!

Metropolis Iron offers a variety of address plaques in an array of colors and finishes. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please ask! We love custom color orders and are here to help make your property look wonderful!

Mailbox of the beautiful home to the right!
Mailbox of the beautiful home below!
Beautiful home!
Beautiful home!

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