Fleur-de-lis Drapery Medallions

The fleur-de-lis translates into the “flower of the lily” in French. It is used as a symbol of light and life in some cultures, though it can also take on a religious subtext in crests and on flags depending on who is using it. It is a symbol of France, but it is also used in other countries including Italy and the United States. For a decorative symbol to incorporate into your home decor, consider using this stylized lily flower accent to bring a new aspect to any design style!

Incorporating the fleur-de-lis into your window treatment design can be another great way to incorporate it into your overall room design. While fleur-de-lis curtains may be a bit too “busy” for most of our homes, a fleur-de-lis drapery medallion can be a nice, classy touch. Metropolis Iron offers fleur-de-lis drapery medallions in four sizes!

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