Drapery Layers

Layers Play Large Part in Design

Window treatments add value to your home. When done correctly you can protect your home from damaging sunlight, have privacy and add beauty to a room. The trick is finding the right combination of “layers” that work for your budget and design style.

First, you must choose your “bottom” layer. The bottom layer is considered the “active” part of the window treatment. Overall the bottom layer is the most important as it ensures privacy and protection of your home and furnishings from the sun. These types of window treatments generally consist of blinds, shades, shutters, active drapery panels or even window tint. Next, you begin to design your “top” layer. This layer is the “non-active” layer and is used to pull in the overall design of the room and provide decorative aspects. Valances, stationary drapery panels, swags or even cornice boards are all appropriate for the top decorative layer. They are the eye candy of the room.

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