Complete Drapery Rod Sets

Drapery Rod: The drapery rod is the main part of a drapery rod set. Next week we will be discussing the different types of drapery rods in more detail. The function of the drapery rod is to hang drapery panels. Generally drapery rods are fabricated by the foot. Prior to ordering drapery rods you should be sure to measure your window. This step is particularly important with inside mount applications or in areas with space restrictions.
Drapery Rod Finial: The drapery rod finial is the most decorative part of the drapery rod set. The finial attaches to one or both ends of the drapery rod to prevent the drapery rings and panels from sliding off the end of the rod.
Brackets: Brackets are the part of the drapery rod set that secures the drapery rod to the wall, window trim, celling, or molding. The mounting position that you have decide upon for your drapery rods will determine the type of bracket needed. Common types of drapery rod brackets include center brackets, double brackets, escutcheon brackets, hanging brackets, post brackets, ceiling mount brackets, wall mount brackets, and inside mount brackets.
Drapery Rings: Drapery rings are the final part of a complete drapery rod set and are used to hang the drapery panels from the drapery rod. Drapery rings should have an inside diameter of at least ½” larger than the outside diameter of the drapery rod you are using. There are many types of drapery rings including “C” rings so they can pass over the brackets, round rings with eyelets, round rings with clips, square rings and many more.

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