Does your Home Meet Local Addressing Regulations?

Non-Compliant Home
Non-Compliant Home

Address plaques are designed to add curb appeal to your home and make your home recognizable to visitors, but in many areas having your address clearly marked is mandated by state and regional 911 laws.  These types of regulations state that single family residences must be have an identifiable address marker.  In instances of multifamily residences, not only the street address must be shown, but also each individual unit.  Mobile home parks are also required to comply with address identification laws.

In some areas regulations on address plaques are stricter than others.  Stricter regulations can include:

  • Type of Material:  Some regions require address numbers to be displayed on an address plaque made of fiberglass, resin, or metal.
  • Placement:  Regulations in some areas require specific placement of the address plaque.  Generally this is near the driveway and roadside intersection and free of any landscaping or objects that may block its view.
  • Mounting of Address Plaque:  Most areas require the address plaque to be mounted in a well-lit area, at eye level on a secured pole or structure.

If you have a fire code inspector giving you specific or unusual requirements for your residential or commercial address display please contact Metropolis Iron for assistance. We offer a wide variety of metal address plaques that are compliant with even the strictest addressing regulations.

Asian Greek Address Plaque Available from Metropolis Iron
Asian Greek Address Plaque Available from Metropolis Iron

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