Do I Really Need Corbels For My Countertop And What Are My Options?

Hammered Style Counter Top Support Bracket
Hammered Style Counter Top Support Bracket

Many design ideas ranging from the kitchen to the living room now involve granite countertops and other heavy surfaces with a substantial overhang including bars, shelving, mantels, kitchen islands and breakfast bars.  These types of design plans need extra support from a decorative corbel or countertop support bracket.

Generally any overhang of more than 6” should be supported with the extra strength of a corbel.  A countertop that doesn’t include the added support from a corbel can see extensive damage including hairline stress cracks and sagging.

When choosing a corbel for your next design project keep in mind the different types of materials and styles of countertop support brackets that are available, as with anything, there are pros and cons to each design style and material used.   Overall, iron corbels are the best choice.

If you are using heavy granite for your countertop it is best to use a corbel that will easily support the additional weight of the counter.  Iron is best used in these applications.  Other applications where the additional strength of an iron corbel would be needed include shelving, mantels, awnings, patio covers, and arbors.  While corbels are mainly used provide additional support, in instances where no extra support is needed, they can also add a decorative element to any design plan.

For more information about using iron corbels for your next design project Metropolis Iron’swebsite!

Acanthus Leaf Counter Top Support Bracket
Acanthus Leaf Counter Top Support Bracket

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