Curtain Treatments for Multiple Windows

Do you have one really long window, or a group of windows side by side, such as sliding or French doors?  Wide windows can keep a room bright and showcase a gorgeous view, but they can also make you feel overwhelmed when you think about window treatments for them.  Here are important considerations to note before purchasing window treatments for multiple or large windows:


Treat multiple windows as one by pairing drapes on only the outer edges.

If you need privacy or to block the light, but do not want spend the money on the amount of fabric it would take to fully open and close, create stationary drapes just one to two widths each.  You could also layer a shade behind the drapes.  If the windows are high, consider a motorized shade, which usually come with a remote control or wall switch.  Some remotes can operate up to five separate windows.


For a soft effect, hang sheers with drapery medallions from wall to wall.

Sheers do not use lining so they are less expensive to make, or buy readymade, and they do not look bulky when hung across a long window.   Sheer fabric can be used as a valance, as curtain panels or in a swaging technique.


If you have a wall of windows that almost stretch end to end, add lightweight panels between them to create an illusion that there is no break between each window.

This is a great look when using non-functional (stationary) drapes because functional drapes could require more widths of fabric, which gets costly, and you end up with a bulkier look that will allow in less light.  If you need privacy for this look, use a shade mounted behind the drapes.  You can use curtain rods or drapery medallions to hang this type of window treatment as well.   It’s very popular to have a few throw cushions made for your couch that match the curtain panels to tie the entire room together.


A cornice is another option.

A cornice board is an element of window treatment décor that is fabricated from a plywood, padding and fabric that is hung over a window, door, or series of doors.  They are popular because they hide the seam between the end of the door/window casing and the walls.  It is a decorative separation.    You can add pretty trim and design the shape.   You can even add drapery medallions as a cornice mount application for even more character and charm.  Measured and installed correctly, they will hide functioning blinds or shades.


Cornice with Drapery Medallion
Cornice with Drapery Medallion


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