Creating a Zen Chic Interior Design

When you hear the word Zen, does a peaceful and relaxing scenario come to mind?  Everyone needs a space that makes them feel relaxed especially considering that most people are busy with their daily activities and work.  With our busy lives, many of us never have the time to go to a place that makes us feel reinvigorated.  So, why don’t you create a Zen interior so that when you get home you will feel relaxed and stress-free?  Here are some handy tips from Metropolis Iron to turn any room into a relaxing, Zen filled space!

Use earth tones

A Zen interior starts with earth tones.  These are colors of soft tones like gray, white, and those with the shade of beige or pink beige.  When choosing a color scheme, choose a dominant or primary color and then a few complimentary colors for décor like pillows and window treatments.

Place natural fabrics

The color of your fabric has to be light and soft, too.  Make use of natural fabrics that are comfortable and would add a softer look to your area.  You can use linen or wool for your coverings and window treatments.  You can also add a soft carpet to make the room appear more relaxing.

Use simple furniture

Furniture meant for a Zen interior is simple and makes use of clean lines.  Do not use furniture with intricate designs and complicated lines as this will not fit in your Zen look.  Choose those that are minimal in design but still looks good for your interior.  Some modern and contemporary furniture will fit into the Zen category but ensure that it uses natural materials to bring in sense of warmth and relaxation.

Minimize decorations

Your decorations should also be minimized.  Do not place too many items on display.  You should also avoid colorful paintings and lots of framed pictures on the wall.  Everything has to be simple.  If you want to display some knick knacks, you can allocate a place for them but make sure that it doesn’t look cluttered.

Incorporate the Zen elements.

Include the five elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood.  These are classic elements from various traditions but are usually incorporated to get a Zen look.  Fire includes the fireplace, fire bowls and candles.  Earth includes stones, pebbles and plants.  Water can be added by placing images of water scenes or a water fountain.  Metal can be used for the furniture, frames, sculptures and custom drapery medallions.  Wood can also be incorporated through furniture or you can get that from bamboo and tree decorations.

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