Why I Create Beautiful Address Plaques

Peeling Faded Address Plaque

One of the questions I always get asked by my clients is “What inspires you to create one of a kind address plaques?” I almost immediately want to pull them into my car and drive them through some of the more “upper class” areas of Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and the surrounding Southwest Florida areas. While many things push me to design unique, functional address plaques the biggest factor is this (and please forgive my bluntness, but there is no kind way to say this)….I despise beautiful million dollar homes with cheesy plastic numbers that are sun faded, peeling and unreadable. Yep, this is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves in life. It truly bothers me that people would work incredibly hard to be able to afford a gorgeous, massive dream home, yet display their house numbers in such a poor fashion. Such a grandiose home should have its addresses displayed in a way that makes the owners proud and makes their home identifiable to visitors, delivery drivers and emergency services. Our address plaques were created with style in mind and come in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any home. To view our online address plaque catalog visit us on the web at www.metropolisiron.net .

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