Types of Drapery Rod Mounts

Outside Mount Drapery Rod

Ceiling Mounted Drapery Rods: These types of drapery rods are just as they sound, mounted from the ceiling. Ceiling mounted drapery rods are commonly used when there are no nearby walls or in areas where the crown molding is taking most of the empty wall space.
Inside Mounted Drapery Rods: Inside mounted drapery rods are rods mounted between two facing surfaces. This type of mounting usually uses escutcheon brackets and is most common with windows having deep recesses. When measuring for inside mounted drapery rods, be sure to subtract 3/8″ from the width of the rod if using escutcheons, to allow room for the brackets themselves and ease of installation.
Outside Mounted Drapery Rods: Outside mounted drapery rods are rods mounted on the wall above or beside the window opening or on the window trim or molding. Typically, outside mounted drapery rods project beyond the window. A typical projection is 3” but Metropolis Iron always accommodates any projection you need.

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