Tips for Address Plaque Placement

Poor Address Plaque Placement
Poor Address Plaque Placement

We’ve compiled three easy tips to make address plaque placement a breeze!

Visibility: The cardinal rule of address plaque hanging is to place the plaque somewhere that it can be seen. The whole point of an address plaque is to be seen and make your house identifiable. Hiding it behind a tree, bush, or plant, will undermine the plaque’s effectiveness.

Symmetry and Balance: You want your address plaque to look like it belongs. It should “line up” with other visual cues on the façade of your house. A plaque that is off-center can make the entire house look awkward and unappealing. A plaque that is closely sandwiched between a garage door and soffit will look crowded, almost like an afterthought.

Not too low, not too high: Generally you want your plaque to hang anywhere between 4.5 ft. and 5.5 ft. high if your intent is to have it at eye level. This is well within the average person’s visual plane and will allow them to naturally view the address plaque without craning their necks to see it. If you intend to install it over your garage make sure you place it several inches above the garage door with leaving several inches between the plaque and the soffit. Stand at the end of your driveway and pretend you are delivering a package. Where would you expect to see address numbers for the house?

Don’t feel the urge to completely follow these rules because every home is different. Use your visual judgment!

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