The Story Behind Scrolls for Sonia

Scrolls for Sonia Address Plaque
Our “Scrolls for Sonia” address plaque design came about as Metropolis Iron owner, Misti St. Pierre struggled to find the perfect end of year gift for her daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Sonia. Sonia held both a special place in Misti and her daughter’s heart as she helped nurture and guide both through the trying first year of elementary school, so not just any gift would do! After trips to countless stores and shops, the perfect gift had still not been found. At this point, Misti decide to fall back on her art of designing and creating unique address plaques and make Sonia the perfect end of year gift, a custom designed address plaque for her home. Weatherproof and durable, an address plaque was the ideal gift for Sonia as it would last for years and bring back the memories of time spent in the classroom with Misti’s daughter throughout the years.

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