The Many Names for Drapery Medallions

Large Drapery Medallion

In the world of drapery hardware with so many different terms for decorative items, one can become easily confused!  Take for example drapery medallions and drapery rosettes, a term that is interchangeable.   Generally a drapery rosette is formed in a floral design while a drapery or curtain medallion can be designed in a vast array of shapes and styles.  Taken from the word “rose”, drapery rosettes tend to be smaller in size while drapery medallions range from extra-small to extra-large and everywhere in-between.  At Metropolis Ironwe consider all these types of decorative hardware to be drapery medallions.   Other common names for drapery medallions other than a drapery rosette are holdbacks, drapery hangers and swag holders.  So, we’d like to know… what do you call them?

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