The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2014

2014 has arrived and a great way to ring in the New Year is by adding some of these hot design trends into your home!

1. Ikat prints: Historically used to dress the grandest pashas, the ikat pattern has become a patchy print on towels, plates and curtains. Our drapery medallion selection includes styles that compliment Ikat print curtains.

2. All-white kitchens: A decade after the 2003 Diane Keaton film “Something’s Gotta Give” glorified the control-freak look; the all-white kitchen look doesn’t have to look cold, stark and humorless. The new white-glass appliance styles add cleanliness and calm, unlike ubiquitous stainless steel finishes. Using corbels in an all white kitchen look can add an aesthetic edge to your 2014 look.

3. The Belgian look: Devolving into a catalog cliché, the mix of freshly manufactured “antiques” with the linen upholstery and neutral tones so beloved by Belgian tastemakers has influenced many styles for the New Year.

Stick with Metropolis Iron this year to see the latest trends emerge in new drapery medallion, corbel and address plaques!

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