Teacher’s Love Address Plaques!


We’ve reached that time of year, Summer of 2013 is upon us. School is winding down and teachers and students alike are ready for a fun filled summertime, but parents may find themselves in a different boat this time of year. All you parents out there know what I am talking about….running around town trying to locate the perfect gift to express your thanks and gratitude to your child’s teacher for all they have done throughout the school year. A few years ago I too was stuck on a gift idea for my daughter’s amazing kindergarten teacher, Sonia. I looked online, at boutiques, in catalogs and just couldn’t find the right gift that had the right sentiment. Too bad a nicely polished apple doesn’t fly anymore! After racking my brain for a great gift idea, I turned to what I know best and what I do for a living, metal and iron home décor.

I thought about Metropolis Iron’s vast product lines and determined that a custom designed home address plaque would be a unique, but proper gift. It was something that Sonia would have for years and each day when she arrived home from a long day at school would pull into her driveway and remember one of her favorite students. Sonia is a traditional type, so I created her address plaque in a traditional scroll design and aptly named it “Scrolls for Sonia.” The gift was so well received and Sonia received so many compliments on her custom address plaque that I decided to add it as a featured address plaque in the Metropolis Iron online catalog.

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