Cyber Monday Brings Great Home Décor Gifts to Metropolis Iron!

  Happy Cyber Monday!  Holiday gift buying is in full swing and we are still worn out from Black Friday, but are so excited about all the great gifts that you can find this holiday season at for the home décor lover in your life!  Our drapery medallions, address plaques and corbels make wonderful […]

Let us Ruffle Your Feathers with Our Ruffled Drapery Medallions

We listen to the needs of our designers and clients here at Metropolis Iron!  We’ve recently had a flood of requests for a traditional styled drapery medallion that includes texture and will add depth to any window treatment.  Our solution, ruffled drapery medallions! Our new ruffled drapery medallions will pop in any treatment scenario and […]

The Timelessness of Wrought Iron

Home designing with wrought iron is brings strength, beauty, and timelessness to any home décor situation.  The plethora of interior design items with wrought iron includes amazing styles and designs to bring sophistication to your rooms, walls and outdoors. Obtainable in various shapes, dimensions, styles and designs wrought iron is commonly used in home décor […]

Drapery Medallions Aren’t Just 3” Round – Seek Variety

When many designers think about drapery medallions, a round design around 3-4” pops in their minds.  We classify this size medallion as a “Medium Drapery Medallion”.   Did you know that mixing up the shape and size of your medallion can make for some fabulous window treatment designs? Your first obstacle is that most suppliers of […]

Drapery Hardware Terms

There are so many elements to a complete drapery hardware sets.  There are finials, drapery medallions, drapery rods, drapery rings and more.  Not sure what drapery hardware will work best for your specific design idea? Or better yet, do you have space restrictions?  Read on for easy to understand terminology for the most basic drapery […]

Choosing a Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

  Medium/Large drapery medallions are by far the most popular choice for designing eye popping window treatments.  While, extra small, small, and extra-large drapery medallions are perfect for custom design projects that require a different sized medallion, the most commonly used medallion sizes are medium/large. Medium/Large drapery medallions range in size from 4 1/4” to […]

What’s the difference between a drapery medallion and a drapery holdback?

  This is a question we at Metropolis Iron hear frequently!  A drapery medallion is used to hang curtain panels vertically above the window while drapery holdbacks are used in a horizontal nature to hold a panel back from the window. Drapery holdbacks are designed in straight and curved styles.  When selecting drapery holdbacks for […]

“Is it a Drapery Medallion or a Drapery Rosette?”

In the world of drapery hardware with so many different terms for decorative items, one can become easily confused!  Take for example drapery medallions and drapery rosettes, a term that is interchangeable.   Generally a drapery rosette is formed in a floral design while a drapery or curtain medallion can be designed in a vast […]

Drapery Medallions 101

Window treatments, if created correctly, can bring life to even the drabbest of spaces.  While a beginner DIY home designer may be happy with a curtain that coordinates with a rooms decor on a fashionable rod, professional interior designers strive to create unique window treatments that include decorative hardware such as drapery medallions which are […]