Seashell Drapery Medallions: Bring the Ocean into your Design Plan

Are you currently working on an ocean themed room?  Always dreamed of having the beach in your living room?  With many designers working hard to bring the outdoors inside through well planned, creative home décor ideas, Metropolis Iron felt that the market for ocean themed drapery hardware was really lacking.  To fill the void for this type of decorative drapery hardware we created beautiful seashell and tropical drapery medallions.

Our shell drapery medallion is most sought after in a medium size of 3 ¾ x 3 ¼ although many sizes and styles are available.  Available in 10 finishes, our shell medallions can be fit into any color scheme.   We even make coastal drapery medallions made from REAL sea shells for that authentic beach window treatment.  You won’t find our real seashell drapery medallions from any other supplier because we have invented them ourselves.  Metropolis Iron’s entire line of drapery medallions, including our seashell medallions, can be created in custom projections and includes all necessary mounting hardware, paint finish of your choice, touch up paint for screw heads and shipping within the Continental United States.

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