Recycled Paper Countertops are a Green Choice!


Eye catching and durable, recycled paper countertops are a great green home material, and they surprise many with warmth like that of stone countertop option. Recycled paper countertops are composed of postconsumer wastepaper, nonpetroleum-based resins and pigments. This mix is heated and compressed into a dense, monolithic slab with a feel that’s often compared to a warm, soft stone, like soapstone.

The dense, durable, nonporous construction makes recycled paper surfaces stain resistant and easy to maintain. Because this material is a heavier weight than natural stone, slabs should always be used with a corbel or countertop support bracket to accommodate the additional weight. The material is heat resistant only to 350 degrees, so, as with many kitchen surfaces, it’s best to keep trivets nearby.

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