Recycled Countertops 101

Recycled Countertop-HGTV

Some of the advantages of recycled countertops include:
• Mold & Mildew Resistant because of low porosity
• Scratch Resistant (not scratch proof) — only quartz performs better
• Stain Resistant
• Heat & Scorch Resistant
• Maintenance Free — only warm water and mild detergent needed for cleaning. The surface is non-porous, so no sealing is required.
• Large Color Palette and Design Options

Recycled countertops slabs are quite heavy, so as with any cumbersome countertop material, proper support should be used. Metropolis Iron’s large line of countertop support brackets/corbels are designed with function in mind and can bear the weight of most recycled countertop designs. For oversized countertops we also product custom sized corbels to bear the weight of any load. Our countertop support brackets come in an array of designs, finishes, and sizes.

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