Our Recent Donation to The Burroughs Home!

We always appreciate creating custom designed home décor pieces and enjoy helping out others and our community, so Metropolis Iron’s recent donation of a custom window guard to The Burroughs Home in Fort Myers was a very rewarding experience for our firm!

In 2012, Metropolis Iron owner Misti St. Pierre was requested to join the Eagle Scout project of local high school student, Conner Nelson. For the Eagle Scout project, Connor wanted to clean up the 3rd floor servant’s quarters at the historic home in preparation for the upcoming opening of the area for public tours. The window seemed too big of a risk to leave unguarded. Metropolis Iron was asked to design a guard in the existing 1920’s décor which is featured in the window of the landing going from the 2nd to the 3rd floor of The Burroughs Home.

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