Our Mirrored Cornice Board Medallions are a Favorite Choice Among Designers!

Mirrored Cornice Medallions

Most designers already know the power of a cornice; that it adds architectural interest and makes the ceiling appear higher, but many times, even with colored boards, the cornice need something additional to make them pop! Metropolis Iron’s one of a kind, hand forged line cornice board medallions give boards that extra pop and can be incorporated into the existing theme of your room as they come in an array of styles, finishes and sizes.

One of our popular cornice mount medallion line is our mirrored cornice board medallions. Created with designers needs in mind, this unique line of medallions was created for use specifically in cornice board mounting situations and is designed for use in all sized boards. Adding mirrors to the drapery medallions bounces light around the room and gives the environment a playful, yet elegant feel.

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