Drapery Medallions Ranging from Extra-Small to Extra-Large!

Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron

Extra Small Drapery Medallions: Our extra small medallions are up to 2” diameter. This petite sized medallion is perfect for designs that require a delicate touch.

Small Drapery Medallions: With a size ranging from 2-1/8” – 2-7/8” our small drapery medallions are still perfect for creating softness in a design solution, but allow for a heavier drape than the extra-small size.

Medium Drapery Medallions: Medium drapery medallions are 3” – 4” and are our most popular seller. These sized medallions are perfect for use in many window treatments and are perfect for sheers, valances and much more.

Large Drapery Medallions: Another great seller, our large drapery medallions are 4-1/8” – 6”. These are useful in many of the same design situations as medium drapery medallions, but allow for a heavier drape and cane be a great choice when you want your medallion to pop from the curtains and stand out.

Extra-Large Drapery Medallions: Our Extra-Large drapery medallions are 7-5/8” +. A great medallion for use in foyer treatments or treatments with very, very long drapes (like used in a great room), the extra-large medallion will stand out and be seen from the floor.

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