Don’t let your Landscaping Hide your Address Plaque!

Being in the design business, my mind is constantly filled with different design ideas and what I can create to satisfy my customers’ needs for new products including address plaques.  While running errands and “out and about” in town my eyes are always peeled for great houses and great address plaques.

In my trips I’ve come to notice many beautiful, elegant homes that address plaques just don’t match!  One of the most common problems I see is a great address plaque that is partially hidden by the home’s landscaping.  This is a regular occurrence with both plaques that are hung on the side of the home and plaques that are displayed in the yard.

So, what can you do to avoid this problem?  There are a few sensible solutions.  First, when you place your address plaque have someone hold the plaque where you plan to place it.  Talk a walk out to the road in front of your home and make sure that no landscaping is blocking its view.  Also, keeping your hedges and landscaping in front of your home neatly trimmed will allow the address plaque to be seen by all passerby’s as well as increase your home’s curb appeal. To learn more about address plaques click here.

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