Creative Ideas for Curtain Tiebacks!

String of Beads: Strings with beads, shiny crystal, and soft pastel plastic to a larger wooden or glass beads are a fun way to tie back curtains. They can even be pinned with a complimentary design brooch.

Antique Doorknobs: These make unusual curtain tie backs. Find the perfect match knobs and attach to the wall near the window. The knob will be used to hold the curtains. You can get knobs made of glass or interesting designed works.

Drapery Medallions: Drapery Medallions can be a great way to tie back your curtains. Medallions come in an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the décor of any room and are extremely versatile for window treatments that involve heavy drapes.

Feather Boas: Feather boas are a great curtain tie back for a little girl’s princess bedroom or a trendy playroom design. Be sure to tie the boa loosely so that it does not lose its fluffiness.

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