Counter Support Bracket 101

Scored Scroll Countertop Brackets
Scored Scroll Countertop Bracket

The kitchen counter undoubtedly decides the final look and feel of any kitchen.  Most homeowners are choosing timeless durable heavy stone materials like granite and marble.  Because these materials are so heavy, it’s critical to install countertop support brackets at certain intervals under the overhang to provide the necessary support for a safe and effective application.

Countertop support brackets (also known as corbels) come in a variety of materials ranging from plastic, resin, wood, aluminum, iron and more.  Decorative support brackets made from iron are the most durable of these materials.  They are also easy to maintain and have a high weight tolerance.  Overall, they are your best option for adding charm, character and safety all at an affordable price.

Countertop support brackets are easy to install, all you need are mounting screws and a drill.  When you order them from Metropolis Iron we even include touch up paint for you to apply to your screw heads after installation.  For more information on counter support brackets visit our website

Hoops Countertop Bracket
Hoops Countertop Bracket

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