Check Out Our Seashell Cornice Mount Drapery Medallions

Here at Metropolis Iron we are always trying to design new products and refine time tested products to fit certain decorating niches or peak new design ideas for the end user. We recently introduced our line of authentic drapery medallions into the world of cornice mount applications for interior designers, drapery workrooms and distinctive homeowners.

Our real seashell drapery medallions were already beautiful and functional all on their own. We wanted our customers to also have the ability to add them to a cornice board as well. The result is a cornice board and drapery medallions that will add beauty and depth to any coastal or beach design.

Not many drapery hardware companies accommodate customers by converting their products to a cornice mount application, however, almost all of our drapery medallions are easily convertible. This allows our customers to dress their cornice boards up in a way never before possible. If you do not see a style that you like, we can make anything that you wish. Just give us a drawing, picture, or even a template of an existing cornice that you already have and we will do our best to accommodate!

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