Anyone Can Learn How To Install Curtain Holdbacks like a Pro

As the name suggests, holdbacks decoratively hold curtains back to let the light in, giving you a light-filled, elegant look for your room. Installing curtain holdbacks is an easy, do-it-yourself project for any skill level. Tieback or holdback? What is the difference? Are you confused about the difference between a tieback and a holdback? A […]

Curved or Straight Drapery Medallions: Which Is Best for Me?

Curtain holdbacks are an important feature of any complete window treatment design.  A good curtain tie back should not only be functional as to tie back your curtains, but also hold together your entire look and add a design element to your window treatment. Used for a variety of uses in a window treatment, drapery […]

Getting Drapery Vocabulary Right!

If you aren’t very skilled in the world of drapery hardware vocabulary, creating the perfect window treatment can be a difficult task. Knowing what the item is can make all the difference in creating a fabulous window treatment. Drapery tiebacks or curtain tiebacks are one of the most easily confused items as they can be referred to […]

Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

When it comes to decorating, choosing curtains can be an exciting way to add a personal touch to the rooms in your home. But, what about the drapery hardware itself? Many times, homeowners just think curtain rods.  But there are so many other creative ideas out there for jazzing up your window treatments.  Drapery medallions […]

Get Patriotic with Americana Drapery Medallions

Are you feeling patriotic?  How about a little red, white and blue for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?  Nothing makes us feel more patriotic than seeing interiors that have been decorated with artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.   All that’s needed to make your home pop with patriotism […]

Country/Rustic Drapery Medallions Take Over Metropolis Iron Website

At the moment, country and rustic décor is all the rage.  A handmade look and feel is what everyone is looking for.  With the emergence of Pinterest as a major source for DIY home trends, designs and ideas, many are moving towards rustic, country and shabby chic methods of decorating. Metropolis Iron’s product lines evolve […]

Address Plaques that Withstand Harsh Winter Weather!

Winter seems to be upon the northern states a bit early this year with the majority of the country covered in snow and experiencing colder than average temperatures…and it’s not even technically “winter” yet!  The need for outdoor home décor that can withstand even the harshest weather is great.  Metropolis Iron’s line of outdoor address […]

Recycled Paper Countertops Wow with Look and Durability

Eye catching and durable, recycled paper countertops are a great green home material, and they surprise many with warmth like that of stone countertop option. Recycled paper countertops are composed of postconsumer wastepaper, nonpetroleum-based resins and pigments.  This mix is heated and compressed into a dense, monolithic slab with a feel that’s often compared to […]

Metropolis Iron’s REAL Seashell Drapery Hardware Enhances Coastal Décor!

Looking for a tropical home décor piece that all your guests and friends are sure to talk about?  Designers, are you looking for a piece that will wow even the toughest clients?   Our REAL seashell drapery medallions are sure to enhance any coastal or beach themed design with a unique and authentic flair.  A piece […]

The Timelessness of Wrought Iron

Home designing with wrought iron is brings strength, beauty, and timelessness to any home décor situation.  The plethora of interior design items with wrought iron includes amazing styles and designs to bring sophistication to your rooms, walls and outdoors. Obtainable in various shapes, dimensions, styles and designs wrought iron is commonly used in home décor […]