Alkemi Countertops give any Green Kitchen a “WOW” Factor!

More and more homeowners and designers are choosing to employ green and sustainable products when building or redesigning a home. The “Green Movement” has definitely taken hold and many common home items are now being offered in recycled forms including kitchen countertops and corbels. If you are looking for a “wow” factor in a eco-friendly countertop, alkemi countertops are like none other. Many of the materials we use in the fabrication of the iron corbels are green products as well since many of them are made from “casted iron”. Casted iron is various forms of iron melted and poured into molds to be used as a secondary life of a product.

Alkemi countertops have a modern and funky feel and are made from recycled items. The material is created with fine flake aluminum scraps salvaged from milling operations that are embedded into a clear low-VOC polyester-based composite sealing the shavings into the resin. This clear coated finish leaves visible the curves, coils and edges of the shavings for a visually stimulating finish. These aluminum scraps would otherwise be burned releasing harmful toxins into the environment. By transforming the shavings into a usable kitchen countertop, these waste materials are being reused in an environmentally friendly way.

Alkemi can be a heavy, bulky item to work with, so when using an alkemi slab in a kitchen countertop design, proper support should be used. Metropolis Iron’s large line of corbels/countertop support brackets was designed with strength in mind and can keep your alkemi recycled countertop properly supported. Available in an array of styles and finishes our corbels can be used in any design solution or style!

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