Add Depth to Any Window Treatment with Protruding Drapery Medallions

If you are a regular reader of our blog you already know that we LOVE drapery medallions! We love everything that they bring to a window treatment design, how they tie a look together and add a unique décor piece to a room. Many of our medallion faces are flat, but we recognized a need for a medallion that would add depth to a treatment design and created a full line of protruding drapery medallions.

Our protruding drapery medallions are designed to stand out from your window treatment and come in a variety of styles including leaves, pineapples and stars. We also offer many traditional styles custom designed in a protruding manner. As with all our drapery medallion selections, our protruding medallions come in a variety of finishes to match the color of any room design. To view our full line of protruding drapery medallions visit our online showroom at

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