5 Kitchen Countertop Materials that are Spicing up Kitchen Designs!

When you think designer countertops, marble and granite are probably the first materials that pop in your mind, but recently nontraditional materials have emerged as wonderful surfaces for kitchen counters.  A few weeks ago we had posted a blog that covered a variety of these materials and today we will bring you part two in this series.  Some design trends for countertops that we have recently seen include;

1)  Soapstone:  Quarried like granite, soapstone is a naturally gray color that darkens with age.  Soapstone offers a smooth feel and matte finish and offers homeowner’s low maintenance as scratches can easily be sanded or oiled away.

2)   Recycled Glass:  With a life expectancy of over 50 years, recycled glass countertops offer an environmentally friendly design choice.  Many color choices and easy maintenance are selling points for these types of unique surfaces.

3)  Pewter:  While stainless steel offers a very “clinical” design look, pewter evokes a gentler feel.  While the look of a pewter countertop can be wonderful, it is a very delicate material and must be treated with care to avoid nicks and dings.  One option to this is having the pewter countertop overlaid with a hammered design.

4)  Slate:  Slate is no longer for walkways and roofs and has moved into many kitchen designs.  With a natural ridge and dented look to the material that many find aesthetically pleasing, slate is a wonderful material that hides nicks and dings.

5)  Quartz:  Quartz is the perfect countertop material for those looking for a material that requires little maintenance.  Due to its strength, durability, and choices of colors, quartz remains a favorite of many designers and homeowners.

No matter the type of material you decide to use for you kitchen countertops you must ensure that they are properly secured and mounted.  Countertop support brackets should be used in any design that uses a heavy material and are very appealing to the eye.  Metropolis Iron offers a large line of durable, hand crafted countertop support brackets and loves custom design orders!

Metropolis Iron's Hammered Countertop Support Bracket
Metropolis Iron’s Hammered Countertop Support Bracket

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