2013 Window Treatment Trends

Throughout 2012, we’ve seen some great home design trends emerge, especially trendy window treatment designs.  One major trend that we’ve noticed in 2012 is “less is more.”  This trend is especially seen in the window treatment industry.  Gone are the days are multilayered, heavy drapes, hung from traditional rods.  2012 saw an explosion of sheers and lighter weight drapes, being hung or even swaged, with drapery medallions of all shapes and sizes.

Another trend we’ve seen changing is the type of rod being used in many drapery designs.  We’re no longer seeing traditional rods, but trendy rods with custom finals to match the design of the room.  Also, we are seeing drapery medallions being used in many more design schemes.  Medallions can be a great alternative to drapery rods that allows curtains to be hung in awkward spaces or to just create a unique look.

Metropolis Iron keeps all of the hottest window treatment designs in mind when creating new medallion, holdbacks, and curtain rod and final designs.  Check out our website for the latest on new products and upcoming projects!  Happy New Year!

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