Just the Right Size! Drapery Medallions Ranging from Extra-Small to Extra-Large!

Choosing the right size drapery medallion for your window treatment shouldn’t be a hassle.  Metropolis Iron understands that each home design project is different and requires just the right sized medallion.  Our drapery medallion line comes in five sizes to match any room, style or project need. Extra Small Drapery Medallions:  Our extra small medallions […]

Drapery Medallions for Curved Walls

Curved walls can pose definite issues when trying to create a window treatment. With companies like Metropolis Iron you can have a drapery rod custom bent to the curvature of the wall. However, there aren’t a lot of companies that specialize in fabricating custom drapery hardware or perhaps the budget doesn’t allow for a piece […]

Drapery Medallions Aren’t Just 3” Round – Seek Variety

When many designers think about drapery medallions, a round design around 3-4” pops in their minds.  We classify this size medallion as a “Medium Drapery Medallion”.   Did you know that mixing up the shape and size of your medallion can make for some fabulous window treatment designs? Your first obstacle is that most suppliers of […]

Small Drapery Medallions Add Delicate Touch to Window Treatments

In the world of drapery hardware the most commonly requested size of drapery medallions is by far medium sized medallions.  While medium medallions can be used for a variety of window treatment designs, in some design scenarios, a medium drapery medallion will be too large and overwhelm the design concept.  This is when using a […]

How do I Create Window Treatments in Awkward Windows?

Creating custom window treatments is exciting but also can be challenging.  Uncommon sized windows, over-sized windows, breakfast nooks, arched windows, curved walls and other unique spaces can provide challenges to even the most qualified window treatment designer.  In these types of situations drapery medallions can be a great décor solution.   Drapery medallions come in […]